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"I would like to take the time to compliment you and your staff on the products you sell and your outstanding customer service. I, as well as the rest of the Reasor's family, am very impressed with your SeeStation DVR system. We have used several different DVR Systems in the past and they don't compare with your product. We have never been happier with any of the other's like we are with your SeeStation system. It is easy to use and easy to maintain, not to mention the quality of the video that it provides. We continue to receive comments and compliments on the quality from all the different Law Enforcement Departments in the area. Thank you again and please extend my gratitude to all of your great employees. I look forward to our continued business dealings in the future." 

Director of Loss Prevention
Reasor's Food Stores
Michael Sharon

"The Nuuo system that we have added to our surveillance network has worked to the decrease of problems in our school population. Problematic individuals can now be legally identified and turned over to Law Enforcement with the knowledge that exact identity will be proven to a Judge for consideration of prosecution or legal punishment.

In lighter cases, where Law Enforcement is not required, showing the individual in question of his digression and that any future dealings will be handled more severely has again had positive results. When a student sees that it is indeed them on video, and not some blurry image, that individual is more likely to think twice about future indiscretions.

In times past such video to prove without a doubt the identities of problem juveniles was haphazard and inconsistent at best. The Nuuo system with its higher recording resolution has been a valuable asset to our staff and Faculty.

We are very pleased with Nuuo DVR system and have plans to convert our analog DVRs to IP NVRs in the near future."

Director of IT
Sands Springs School District
Danny Wasson

"Among the big advantages were ability to dramatically cut theft incidents, ability to accurately produce evidence of wrongdoing on film rather than suspected accusations that in the past resulted in denials and filing of protest with the Labor Board, a feeling of security at night with ability to check out the grounds from off-site locations, and better oversight of potential problem situations in need of correction.

Since the systems have been in place, four employees have been dismissed for dishonest actions and a potential lawsuit avoided because the obvious staged 'fall' was captured clearly in film."

Operations Director
D'Ann Berson

"Mr. Kevin Reidy has sacrificed a lot of his own time running back and forth to make sure that all of us are familiar with our video surveillance systems and how they can improve the process for detection, apprehension, and prosecution of shoplifters, burglary and robbery suspects, and even the occasional internal offender.

Our Company is expanding and growing. Being responsible for Loss Prevention concerns in numerous States, I appreciate the added assurance that opportunities for 'Extended Warranties' on labor and parts can provide. Although I seldom have to use it, the transition of system from 'down time' to 'back-in-service time' is extremely marginal."

Director of Loss Prevention/Security
Coy Jenkins

"We have been using SeeStation products for 3 years, and the DVR products provide us with great stability in an environment where an average computer would not. SeeStation personnel always work with us on issues and they value our input on the configuration of the DVR machines. We have over 150 DVR machines in our company and SeeStation continues to provide us with a great product."

IT Operations Manager
Becky Lawson

"I have known Randy and have been familiar with his company for over twenty years. (Our Bank) has been doing business with Randy's company for several years.

Randy has always been honest and forthright in all of our dealings. I would highly recommend Randy Walker and his company, SeeStation."

Vice President
Bill Green